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What Our Customers Have to Say

Image by Drew Jemmett

I tried Tranquilitea tea last night and it was wonderful!! It had me at the AROMA when I opened it! And the look is great with leaves, stems and flower bits! Of course the scriptures blessed me even beyond the soothing effect of the tea. Very nice.

Tanya B.

Image by CHI CHEN

The Hibiscus is both beautiful and delicious. I liked the packaging as well. So very satisfied with my purchase.

Carl P.

Image by Miti

I just wanted you to know that I absolutely LOVE this Hibiscus. It is soooo delicious!!

Shawntina C.

Image by TeaCora Rooibos

The Sweet Potato Pie is Tea- rrific. I love it.

Rita M.

Image by Jasmine Huang

I really like the Hibiscus and I have been drinking it every day.

Elizabeth E.

Image by Aidana Khabdesh

The Tranquilitea is very good. It helped me to calm down and relax from having a rough day.

Diana A.

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